VIRTUAL learning rural space


Creation of a virtual European rural collaborative learning space

Our project, strongly anchored in ICT, has an innovative approach to face educational deficiencies in rural areas: a collaborative virtual space in real time where rural schools can support each other, filling their deficiencies in teachers shortage, content and activities immediately.

We are building a technological environment but also a community around it, made up of rural schools and relevant entities in the field of education and rural development.

Direct Target groups:  rural schools and their teachers,

Indirect target groups:  public and private entities and research centers involved in rural


Exchange and demand offers of collaborative educational projects
Teaching area of workshops / classes in real time (multigrade, multilingual classrooms)
Rural teachers Professional development and resources area
Community area members (schools, entities and professionals / entities from the educational field and relevant rural development)
Free access to all official schools registered


Real Time Communication

Immediately real time connectivity, resources and educational working areas improving rural teaching and learning quality

Joint European initiatives

Joint initiatives among Eu rural schools in real time

Unique space for research

Demands and supply requests for educational resources will offer researchers a qualitative and quantitative information

Knowledge exchange

An Ágora to provide exchange, content and solutions to rural education challenges

Multigrade and scalable

Multilingual, Multigrade and scalable to any educational level. In this project we will beta test primary education

Free access

Free access to all official schools registered


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